Match Deposit Bonus Offers Available in Gaming Sites

Every online gaming site offers promotions to attract and retain customers. There are various offers available to every player which you can and should make use of during your time playing at an online casino. Of the various promotions, the most prevalent is the match deposit bonus offer - this can be particularly useful as it is not a one-off and you can avail of this offer for many a deposit that you make (unlike a welcome or a no deposit bonus which is usually a one-off benefit).

What are Match Deposit Bonus Offers?

Match Deposit Bonus Offers

The name is pretty self-explanatory and this offer in its simplest form is the benefit of a website giving you free chips/cash equalling the amount of your real money deposit which results in your bankroll getting at least a double up. For example, if you deposit $100, the site will offer a match deposit offer of an equal amount so that your account balance will read $200 after your deposit - either that or the site will release the $100 bonus (in whole or in parts) in cash which you can redeem over time as you play more frequently on the site (this latter option is the more prevalent one).

Why Do Sites Have Match Deposit Bonus Offers?

Match Deposit Bonus Offers

Apart from such offers being a promotional tool, sites like to encourage their customers to play more on their platform. It can be quite demoralizing for a player to deposit and see his or her real money disappear in a short while (the odds are always in the favor of the house after all), so a match deposit bonus offer not only gives customers a greater shot at winning money but from an operators point of view, also keeps customers engaged for a longer period of time which gives them an opportunity to showcase a greater range of their products on offer. Psychologically too, players think of funds from such offers as "free money" and are more likely to use it in wagering in products that are outside their usual gameplay with the end result of players exploring more of the site's products than they would have otherwise.

Some providers also mix and match this offer across real money deposits, for example they may offer a 100% match on your first deposit, a 150% match on your second deposit, and so on. However, keep in mind that most sites usually have a limit to the absolute amount that a player can claim using this offer (usually around $500 or $600).

How Do I Claim a Match Deposit Bonus Offer?

Match Deposit Bonus Offers

Operators do not shy from giving these offers to customers and a lot of them automatically enroll real money depositors to this program. For some others, to claim such offers, you may need a Bonus Code which should be entered at the time of deposit in a little text box which will be plainly visible during the deposit. Do remember to explore a site's promotional offers to check which is the best offer for you. You could also contact their customer service to know their best match deposit bonus offers available. You should also remember to check the Terms & Conditions relating to these offers and how and when the bonus funds will be credited to your account - this is because these offers sometimes come with strings attached, such as having to play a fair amount to release the bonus funds. In fact, it is this factor that makes or breaks the quality of such offers - when trying to choose between various offers, players check to see which has the friendliest funds release criteria, and it is this factor that makes it the most attractive.

Sites usually require a player to have wagered a minimum amount (and that too within a set time frame, although that is usually quite generous and is of a long enough duration), before releasing the funds to his/her account. This bit is easier said than done as fulfilling the wagering requirement usually involves making a fair amount of real money wagers. However, if you foresee yourself being a regular player at UK online casinos, even if it's for a week or two, then claiming such deposit offers is an absolute must.